Get into the right mindset for SUCCESS

New Year, New Goals. We have some powerful tips that will get you in the right headspace for SUCCESS.

We’re not going to bore you with the basics, but, do remember... Everyone you meet has something to teach you. Be clever enough to listen and wise enough to learn.

Get in the right mindset for success this Autumn back to the office, written by StylishGuy for StylishGuy Menswear Dublin

 1. Dress Well, Look Good, Feel Great

Firstly, dressing well is a way of life. It will make you feel confident and it will have a positive impact on your life. Don’t deprive yourself of that “feel-good factor” during your working week.

Don’t worry about what others are wearing, this is about YOU. Your style, your image and your comfort. If you dislike wearing suits, do not wear them. It’s that SIMPLE. 

Good fashion and good style is all about buying good investment pieces. Good quality, easy to match up and durable. 

If you want to make it easy for yourself, build a working wardrobe where everything matches. Keep it plain and simple and go bold on the weekend. Good quality chinos, a soft cotton shirt and a merino wool jumper is a go-to smart look. 

Men's Bromley Mish Mash Chinos are a great investment piece for the office this Autumn Winter

Comfortable Cotton Chinos from MISH MASH.

If you’re stuck on style, or just need a second opinion drop and have a chat with any of the StylishGuy Team. We’ll make what you take home is perfectly suited to you. 

2. AHAP, AHAP, AHAP! Always Have a Plan.

It’s something we all say we do, but rarely actually implement. Having a plan is necessary for a successful day. Take time at the beginning of the day or the night before and decide what you want to achieve.

Spend your energy like you spend your money - WISELY.

No matter how big or small, make a list - it will help navigate your day. Ticking the list off gives you completion. Completion gives you progress, progress gives you completion. Combined together you have SUCCESS. 


The StylishGuy weekly schedule. Always dress well, look good and feel great from StylishGuy Menswear Dublin

3. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When you’re asked to do a task or a step into a role that you feel will challenge you, do you feel uncomfortable? 

Identify why you feel this way - and ask yourself will this new endeavour benefit my growth? 9/10 it will. 

Say yes and figure out the logistics later. 

"Don't Wish for it, Work for it" quote from StylishGuy Menswear, tips for getting back to the office.

4. Conserve Your Energy

Be mindful of your behaviour and your actions throughout the day. The only thing you can control is how you act and react to others. It’s easy to get sucked into different scenarios that will drain your energy. Conserve your energy for what really matters.

To avoid burning out - if you can, stop and take 5 or 10 minutes and register with being in the present moment. Re-read your plan for the day and get back into it.

5. Your Personal Values 

What’s important to you? Are you fulfilling your personal values throughout your working day? 

For example, if you value your wellbeing make sure you’re looking after yourself throughout the day - do whatever makes you happy. This is empowerment in itself. Whatever you value, figure out the areas where you can honour these values.


Remember, what you put in you will ALWAYS get back - physically, mentally, emotionally. BE BRAVE …. STEP by STEP.

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