Scoring & Defending a Positive Mental Attitude - with Eamon Fennell

Scoring & Defending a Positive Mental Attitude - with Eamon Fennell

Here at StylishGuy our mantra is to dress well, look good and FEEL GREAT. Lockdown 3 has been challenging - most of us have struggled with feeling great. Yet, with the change in weather, brighter evenings, clear mornings we can’t help but feel hopeful. It seems like the last hurdle and we’re thinking positive. We reached out for inspiration, to a good friend of StylishGuy Menswear and local GAA hero Eamon Fennell, to find out how he’s keeping a positive mental attitude in these challenging times.

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Living Life in the Moment

I’m taking it one day at a time! Not wasting time worrying too far ahead and only focusing on what's right in front of me. I’m making sure the people around me are doing well by regularly checking in on them and setting time aside to call them. 


My training has changed. I have a 12-week program that is keeping me on track. I also put my phone away when training, so I can give myself the headspace to focus on the exercises.

Eamon Fennell training for positive mental health during lockdown 3

Being Grateful and Acknowledging Small Goals

One of the big changes I've made during lockdown is journaling. There are some positives and opportunities to take from these difficult times.


I've found writing down how my day went, what I am grateful for, what did I do for my family, recording my training, the impact I made in work and what my game plan is for tomorrow, have really helped me stay on track for what I want to achieve.


My wife and I spent one evening looking at pics we took over the past year and we've made some amazing memories with our daughter. It’s great to have these memories but it’s also important to spend some time appreciating them - this is where journaling has really helped me.

Eamon Fennell journalling for positive mental health during lockdown 3 

A New Kind of Training

I struggled at the start with my training, as I am used to training with teams.


The best change I made was to my training, was to try something new. I started training for an Ironman back in July of last year and it has given me a renewed energy.



The end is near, brighter days are ahead. If mental health is something you're seriously struggling with please contact a GP or get in touch with one of the many support services around Ireland who are there to listen when you need to talk. You can click HERE to find a list of supports available to you. 

A big thank you to Eamon from StylishGuy Menswear. You can keep up with him on instagram @eamofennell. 

Dress Well, Look Good, Feel Great

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