Back to The Office Attire with The StylishGuy

Back to The Office Attire with The StylishGuy

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As many are heading back into the office for work, More and more offices are changing their work attire requirements. This can be a shock to many people and it can be a struggle to find the right workwear. 

Many professionals who wore suits into work prior to COVID now have to change their work attire to a slightly more casual look which can be quite daunting as it can be confusing to know where the line of smart casual and casual cross. Although you are suiting to a more casual look it is still important to look smart, clean and professional. 

Work attire at the Stylish Guy menswear. We have many options for back to work attire. Fro that smart casual look that looks well and professional. Chinos, shirst, half-zips, jackets, pull overs and jeans.

Many people have come into the StylishGuy over the past couple of months not sure what they should be wearing, how they should be wearing something or what they should be stirring away from and what they should be leaning towards. Well Shane has the answer for you.

Shane has given some great advice on how to tackle this and here are some of his tips for building a capsule wardrobe for your work attire ->

For the bottoms: 

1) Get yourself a good pair of chinos.

Chinos that you can buy in multiple colours such as Beige, Navy and grey. By having chinos in different colours it looks like you are wearing different looks each day.


MISH MASH chinos. Great for a casual look and also great for a smart csual look. Can be worn at the weekends, to work, to a dinner, or in a more formal setting. Navy beige and grey chinos available at the stylish Guy.


Our MISH MASH chinos are the perfect chino to wear as work attire as they are a lovely soft fabric, a great fit, and very comfortable with a good stretch

If you are in these all day long, in and out of your office chair, they are going to be comfortable.

On top:

2) Simple clean shirts. 

Keep it very simple and very clean and get yourself some shirts. Blue for example. 


Staple blue shirt for any occasion. Dress it up to be formal with a suit or a blazer.  dress if down to be more casual with chinos or jeans. Light blue, sky blue with buttons on the sleeve.

More colours are suitable but for the beginnings of a work wear wardrobe you cannot go wrong with classic colours such as blue and navy.  These colours are a great staple and safe choice that look smart in a professional environment.


Pure blue detailed shirt. A soft patterned shirt with detailed sleeve with dark blue buttons. Great shirt to be dressed up to be formal with a suit or blazer. Also paired down to be casual with chinos or jeans.

If you got four different shades of blue shirts you can begin to mix and match with all three beige, navy and grey chinos. It is a great way to begin your new working wardrobe instead of investing in loads of different pieces and not being able to put one outfit together. 

To complete the look:

3) Purchase a nice jacket or Half Zip.

Strellson padded jacket. Has elasticated sleeves and waist. Navy colour. Great dressed up or down. Very versatile. Eden Park Zip up jacket. Navy colour. Bomber jacket. Elasticated waist and wrists. Full zip. Can be dressed up to be more smart-casual and formal and dressed down to me more casual.


By finishing off your outfit with a jacket or if that's not your style a half zip jumper will help to elevate the more casual work attire and keep it smart and work appropriate. 

"Remember Do not fix what is not broken and do not try to reinvent the wheel. If you like a specific colour and it works for you then keep that colour and work around it". 


Baileys Half zip navy jumper. Cotton jumper. Pairs great with a shirt for a more smart look. Goes great with a poloshirt for a more casual look. Baileys Half zip navy and blue detailed jumper. Cotton jumper. Pairs great with a shirt for a more smart look. Goes great with a poloshirt for a more casual look.


Shane also recommends shopping for an extra item of clothing to add to your working wardrobe every 6 to 8 weeks and that way you will continue to grow your work attire by keeping it plain and keeping it simple, and still being able to mix and match. In time you can always introduce more colour, fabrics and designs. 

If you are one of those people who are going back to the office or have gone back already, and unsure about fashion or what to wear or what's going to work best for you and your work attire drop in and see up we would love to help you and love to support you. 

We would love to help you 'Dress Well, Look Good and Feel Great' 



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