Why wear a Waistcoat?

A waistcoat is known to make any man of any age and body type appear well-dressed and confident. It tidies up the torso section of your outfit where your shirt would normally crease out at the sides, creating straighter lines, presenting the illusion of a slimmer and taller physique. 

I’m sure when you think of a waistcoat you instantly think of it as an essential part of a three-piece suit, yet modern-day fashion has adopted waistcoats as a way of accessorising many smart-casual outfits.

Here at StylishGuy Menswear, we understand that casually throwing on a waistcoat may seem daunting if you’re not familiar in styling it. 

The Fit 

The main thing to look at when purchasing your waistcoat is the fit.

  • A waistcoat too big will be baggy around the chest area and will probably bunch up and crease.
  • However, a waistcoat too small can look corset-like and you may have trouble breathing. 

TOP TIP: Always leave the last button of your waistcoat undone to make you look at ease. This trick reduces the risk of any buttons popping off after a few beers.

A Modern Twist

Although a waistcoat is traditionally worn as part of a three-piece suit, it’s also great to wear with other pieces. They come in all different shapes and sizes, textures and colours and doesn’t necessarily have to match the blazer. Mixing and matching is an easy solution to help you stand out from the crowd - Try this look at an elegant wedding, or a special occasion when you want to look your best.

Worn without a suit jacket, your waistcoat will become the centrepiece of your outfit. Keeping the rest of the casual outfit quite simple is necessary, as a waistcoat is an accessory in itself and therefore already giving your outfit all the extra detail it needs. A waistcoat can be paired with a plain shirt and some jeans for a rustic feel to your smart-casual look - Your waistcoat can also act as useful insulation in the colder seasons. 

We hope you got some inspiration this week in jazzing up your smart-casual wardrobe. Let us know if you try out any of our tips and tricks. Tag us in your photos rocking a waistcoat @stylishguymenswear on Instagram - we'd love to see them. 

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