Keeping your Shirt's Underarms Clean and Stain Free

Keeping your Shirt's Underarms Clean and Stain Free

Here at StylishGuy Menswear, our main focus is helping our customers feel empowered and confident which leads us to want to discuss common problems that are not commonly discussed among men.

Keeping white shirts white with underarms clean and stain-free is the topic at hand this week - Many men suffer from dingy yellow armpit stains that may lead them to feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

Conflicting to what you make think, experts have revealed that sweat itself is not the main felon cultivating the stains. Most likely the stains you see have derived from a combination of the aluminium in the antiperspirant and sweat. The good news is that this staining can be prevented with some minor tweaks to your routine. 

Our Top Tips on Preventing Underarm Stains

  • Apply your deodorant when dry. Water and deodorants don’t tend to mix well making staining more likely. 
  • Don’t go overboard with the deodorant. If you avoid applying excess product there is less chance of it becoming mixed up in the fabric of your clothing. If you get a little carried away with the application, gently wipe any excess product away with a soft cloth. 
  • Wearing an undershirt is a less convenient option for those warmer summer months, but an option nonetheless. The extra layer between your pristine white shirt and the skin is perhaps all that’s needed. 
  • Keeping your armpit hair trimmed can help reduce wetness and the need for antiperspirants.
  • Make sure to wash your shirts immediately after wearing them. Stains are harder to remove once they set. 
  • Lastly, stain prevention deodorant that keeps sweat at bay is a current hot product on the market with technology improving rapidly. This may be the easiest way to prevent stains yet, StylishGuy Menswear would like to remind readers that everyone is different in the way they react to products. 


We hope this blog was helpful to those who endure this dilemma. If there are any topics you would like to see discussed on the StylishGuy Weekly, get in contact with us

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