Shopping more "Sustainably"?

Shopping more "Sustainably"?

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGE, THE PLANET IS DYING - overwhelmed by news headlines like this or do you just drown them out not knowing where to begin? 

We know most men shop on a mission so the idea of looking around second-hand stores may not be a realistic solution for the average person. We’ve compiled a list of small things you can do when buying clothes that will not only save you time and money but also help slightly lessen the load on our the planet.

TIP #1: Buy Clothes that are Durable and Good Quality

Are you replacing the same white shirt for every year because it doesn’t last? 

We’ve done the maths on why you should most definitely invest in good quality basics that will last you 5+ years. 

Average quality shirt: €40 p/y for 5 years = €200

Good quality shirt: €100 once of payment, that will last for 5+ years  = €100

Saving of €100

Saving of 4 boring shopping trips replacing the same item of clothing

Saving of 4 shirts that won’t end up in landfill

This is just an example of one item of clothing - if you’re replacing loads of items year on year that don’t last think of all time and money you’ll save by making this simple change.


TIP #2: Look after your clothes

We have some blog posts on this already

Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

This tip is self-explanatory, yet so important and so easy when you know how. 

TIP #3: Build a Wardrobe You Love

If you’ve been to our store you’ve probably heard us say “If you don’t like it don’t buy it!”. We want you to have something you’ll love and keep forever.

Having a wardrobe that is full of items you feel comfortable and confident in will not only save you time when picking out outfits, allow you to build on your own sense of style without the clutter but stop you from constantly throwing things out that you don’t wear. If you are discarding things from your wardrobe please bring them to your nearest charity shop to be given a new lease of life. 

If you need help with this, book a consultation with us here and we’ll help you build a stylish yet structured wardrobe of clothes you’ll wear forever. 


Bonus Tip: Paper Bags 

Receive a bag in-store or as a gift? Not using it? Consider gathering up your paper shopping bags and donating them to your local charity shop to give them a new lease of life. 




Here at StylishGuy we’ve been constantly trying and testing our brands and items since we opened to ensure top quality for our customers at an affordable price. We aim to continue to do this encouraging our customers to only buy quality clothes that they will love forever.

We hope you got some tips on this weeks StylishGuy Weekly. If there are any topics you would like to see discussed get in contact with us on

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